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Roland Resel

radiation protection officer

Institute of Solid State Physics,
Petersgasse 16,1.Stock
8010 Graz, Austria,
Tel. +43 316 873 8476
Fax. +43 316 873 8466

   Graphene - MoS2 heterostructures by PVD and Aerosol Jet® Printing methods
   FWF-project: Surface induced phases of molecular crystals: origin and stability

   513.040 Soft Matter Physics
   511.121 Advanced Laboratory Exercises
   513.010 Experimental Laboratory Exercises
   513.127 513.128 Seminar Solid State Physics
   513.140 Measurements Techniques and Systems
   513.142 Structure Determination Methods
   513.120 Solid State Physics Laboratory Exercises
   513.123 Bachelor Project
   513.011, 014, Experimental Laboratory

People in the Resel group
   Christian Röthel
   Stefan Pachmajer
   Falk Patrick
   Robert Wimmer-Teubenbacher
   Andrew Jones
   Benedikt Schrode
   Harald Spreitzer

Master projects
   Search for new crystal structures by gradient crystallisation
   Deposition and Characterization of Dielectric Bragg Reflectors
   Thermoelectric power: realisation of an experimental set-up

Research highlight

A crystallographic phase transition is predicted for the molecule ternaphthalene by Molecular Dynamics simulations: a re-arrangement of the molecules starts at the free surface at a temperature of 550 K.

Surface Reconstructions in Organic Crystals: Simulations of the Effect of Temperature and Defectivity on Bulk and (001) Surfaces of 2,2′:6′,2″-Ternaphthalene :
>M. Casalegno, et al., Crystal Growth & Design 2016<<

software development :
Stereopole - a software for the analysis of x-ray diffraction pole figures with IDL was developed,
and can be >> downloaded << free of charge. Please install first the IDL Virtual Machine.
(see: I. Salzmann and R. Resel, Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 37, p. 1029, 2004.)