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Institut für Festkörperphysik

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Dissertations at the Institute of Solid State Physics

Dissertations in the TUGraz DIGITAL Library


Krammer, Markus
Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductor Devices

Payerl, Claudia
Sorption-induced creep of pulp fibers

Wimmer-Teubenbacher, Robert
Development of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for the Integration on Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Gas Sensor Devices

Nascimbeni, Giulia
Quantum mechanical simulations of inorganic/organic hybrid systems

Kettner, Olivia
Doped Sol-Gel-Processed SiC for Hybrid Solar Cells

Erker, Simon
Theoretical Modeling of Charge Transfer Effects at Semiconductor/Organic Interfaces


Wruß, Elisabeth
On the reliability and predictive power of density functional theory for the description of inorganic/organic interfaces

Faccinelli, Martin Mario
Defect Complexes in Proton Implanted Silicon

Harivyasi, Shashank Shekhar
Employing Ab-initio Methods to Study Distinct Scenarios of Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Inorganic Surfaces

Chien, Huei-Ting
Spatial Homogeneity and Environmental Degradation Affected by Hole-Transport Layers in Organic Solar Cells

Christian, Paul
Polymer Thin Films by initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition: From Proton Conduction to the Encapsulation of Pharmaceuticals


Auer-Berger, Manuel
Improving the External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Enhanced Charge Injection and Improved Light Extraction

Verwüster, Elisabeth
Modeling the Impact of Imperfections on Prototypical Self-Assembled Monolayers

Heinrici, Markus
Printed Copper as Wafer Metalization: Material Characterization - Process Development - Technology Integration

Obersteiner, Veronika
Computational Modeling of Organic-Inorganic Nanomaterials

Röthel, Christian Werner
X-ray Diffraction of Organic Thin Films: Crystalline Texture in Uniplanar Systems

Tümbek, Levent
Nucleation and thin film growth of the rod-like molecules hexaphenyl and pentacene on mica substrates

Verwüster, Elisabeth
Modeling the impact of imperfections on prototypical self-assembled monolayers

Gruber, Gernot
Performance and Reliability Limiting Point Defects in SiC Power Devices


Hehn, Iris
Influence of Embedded Dipolar Groups on the Electronic and Structural Properties of Self-Assembled Monolayers

Kraxner, Andrea
Investigation of carrier transport in silicon p-n junction devices using scanning electron microscopy with electron beam induced current

Lassnig, Roman
Pentacene and Epindolidione Based Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Tovstopyat, Alexander
Photophysical properties of new conjugated molecules


Kirnstötter, Stefan
Electron Beam Induced Current Investigations of Proton Implanted Silicon and Power Semiconductor Devices

Kofler, Johannes
Organic pulstrodes and potentiometric ion sensors: reference-electrode-free ion sensing

Miletzky, Frank Albrecht
Adding value to cellulose fibers by the addition of xylan

Scherwitzl, Boris Renato
Studies on the Deposition, Adsorption, Film Growth and Desorption Behavior of Large Organic Molecules on SiO2


Hetzel, Reinhold
Experimental studies on electroluminescence and its driving parameters of GaN-based and AlGaInP-based light emitting diodes

Nau, Sebastian
Organic Resistive Memory Devices: Unveiling the Nature of Resistive Switching and Evolving Applications

Rothländer, Thomas
Nanoimprint Lithography as a structuring method of printable materials for organic electronics

Scheibelhofer, Otto
Spectroscopic Methods for Pharmaceutical Process and Product Quality Monitoring

Schmoltner, Kerstin
Environmentally Stable Organic Field-Effect Transistor based Sensor Devices

Weber, Frederik
Viscose fibres - a model system to investigate the influence of charges on the properties of handsheets and fibre-fibre joints


Egger, David
Exploring the Interactions at Metal-Organic Interfaces with Density-Functional Theory

Trattnig, Roman
Solution Processed Organic Multilayer Devices for Light Emitting and Photovoltaic Applications


Außerlechner, Simon Josef
Proton induced doping and space charge layer formation in organic thin-film transistors

Djuric, Tatjana
Molecular crystals on crystalline surfaces: examples of organic rod-like and plate-like molecules

Etschmaier, Harald
Novel interconnect technologies for packaging of microelectronic power devices

Moser, Armin
Crystal Structure Solution Based on Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction: Software Development and Application to Organic Films

Neuhold, Alfred
Structures of Buried Interfaces in Organic Multilayer Devices: X-ray Reflectivity Based Studies

Rissner, Ferdinand
Collective Effects in Self-Assembled Monolayers of Polar Organic Molecules


Gilli, Eduard
Development of analysis methods for fiber bonds in paper

Marchl, Marco
Towards Understanding and Controlling the Device Characteristics of OTFTs


Demirci, Erkan
Reactions on modified and bimetallic surfaces: H2, CO and methanol on Pd(111), Cu(110)+O and Ni/Cu(110)

Flesch, Heinz-Georg
Interface Controlled Microstructure and Morphology of Thin Layers for Organic Electronics

Klug, Andreas
Organic Field-Effect Transistors - Process Development, Stability Issues and Sensor Applications

Rangger, Gerold
Modeling of metal-organic interfaces for improving state-of-the-art organic electronic devices.

Reuter, Piet
Probing inside a scanning electron microscope

Stettner, Johanna
Self assembled monolayer formation of alkanethiols on gold: Growth from solution versus physical vapor deposition

Track, Anna Maria
Modifying Surfaces Relevant for Organic Devices: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation

Wiessner, Manfred
Hochtemperatur-Phasenanalyse am Beispiel martensitischer Edelstähle


Frank, Paul
Thin film growth of rod-like and disc-shaped organic molecules on insulator and noble metal surfaces

Koch, Hans Peter
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Interaction of simple Molecules with Rhodium, Copper and Palladium/Zinc Surfaces

Koini, Markus
Surface Corrugation and its Influence on the Growth of Thin Organic Films

Kratzer, Markus
Reaction kinetics and dynamics of H2, O2 and CO on modified Pd(111) surfaces

Sax, Stefan
Elektrooptische Gassensoren basierend auf Licht emittierenden ‹bergangsmetalkomplexbauelementen


Fisslthaler, Evelin
Structuring Methods for Conjugated Polymers and their Applicability Regarding Micro- and Nano-Patterning of Polymer Light Emitting Devices

Pacher, Peter
Organische Dünnfilmtransistoren und Widerstände zur Detektion von Ammoniak

Scheiber, Horst
Structure to Property Relationships in Blue Light Emitting Conjugated Polymers

Werzer, Oliver
Röntgenbasierende strukturelle und morphologische Untersuchungen von thiophenbasierenden Polymeren und Pentazen für den Einsatz in organischer Elektronik


Gaal, Martin
Imprinted Conjugated Polymer DFB Laser Devices: From Glass to Fiber and Sensor Lasers

Haber, Thomas
Epitaktisches Wachstum organischer Halbleiter, insbesondere stabförmiger konjungierter Moleküle

Plank, Harald
Charakterisierung von Grenzflächen in dünnen konjugierten Polymerfilmen

Romaner, Lorenz
Modelling of organic semiconductors and their interaction with metallic surfaces

Stupnik, Axel
Charakterisierung von Nanostrukturen mittels STM und Atomsonde und Anwendung auf ausgewählte Stähle


Gamerith, Stefan
Electronic Defects and Process-Related Issues in Polymer Light-Emitting Devices and Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Haslebner, Nikolai
Die Integration von organischen Leuchtdioden auf Leiterplatten

Lengyel, Ondrej
Preparation and characterization of crystalline thin films of para-sexiphenyl and of thiophene mesogenes for organic electronics

Mauthner, Gernot
Lichtemittierende Polymer Bauelemente basierend auf Gemischt-Elektronisch-Ionischen Leitern: Grundlagen und Bauelement spezifische Studien

Rentenberger, Stephan
Organische halbleitende Bauelemente - Untersuchungen zur Farbmodifikation und Strukturierung von LEDs, Bauelementstabilität und Grenzflächenmodifikation.

Schoen, Helmut
Charakterisierung organischer MIS-Strukturen durch gleichspannungsabhängige Impedanzspektroskopie


Krenn, Georg
Die Wechselwirkung von Methanol, Kohlenmonoxid und Wasserstoff mit Rh(111) und Rhodium-Vanadium-Legierungsoberflächen

Muellegger, Stefan
Adsorption und Dünnschichtwachstum von Oligo-Phenylenen auf Goldoberflächen


Haensler, Kurt
A 0.13 m CMOS technology: Its radiation hardness and its application in high energy physics experiments

Piok, Thomas
A Detailed Optoelectronic Study of Methyl Substituted Ladder-Type Poly(Para-Phenylene) Semiconducting Polymer Nanospheres

Rathei, Dieter
Theoretical, Statistical and Empirical Review of Semiconductor Yield Modeling

Wenzl, Franz-Peter
Vibrational spectroscopic, microscopic and electrical characterisation of functional materials for organic iontronics: from phase-separation to chemionics


Heimel, Georg
Structure and Optical Response of Conjugated Molecules