Bibliothek Festkörperphysik - Soft_Matter

  Instituts-nr    Titel    Autoren  
  2456    Colloid Science: Principles, methods and applications    Cosgrove T.  
  2466    Film Coating Theory, The Physical Chemistry of Coating Thin Layers on a Moving Support    Derjagin B.V., Levi S.M.  
  3697    Handbook of oligo- and polythiophenes    Fichou D.  
  2457    Handbook of Polyethylene: Structures, Properties, and Applications    Peacock A.J.  
  2423    Langmuir-Blodgett films: An Introduction    Petty M.C.  
  3524    Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing and Applications    Klauk H.  
 Ausgeborgt  3538    Organic Photovoltaics    Brabec C., Dyakonov V., Scherf U.   
  3525    Physical and Chemical Aspects of Organic Electronics: From Fundamentals to Functioning Devices    Wöll C.  
  3609    Polymer Physics    Rubinstein M., Colby R.H.   
 Ausgeborgt  2461    Polymers, Liquids and Colloids in Electric Fields    Tsori Y., Steiner U.  
  3671    Polysaccharides - Bioactivity and Biotechnology, Volume 1    Ramawat K.G., Mérillon J.-M.  
  3672    Polysaccharides - Bioactivity and Biotechnology, Volume 2    Ramawat K.G., Mérillon J.-M.  
  3673    Polysaccharides - Bioactivity and Biotechnology, Volume 3    Ramawat K.G., Mérillon J.-M.  
  2463    Simple Views on Condensed Matter    de Gennes P.-G.  
 Ausgeborgt  3663    Smart Hydrogel Functional Materials    Chu L.-Y., Xie R., Ju X.-J., Wang W.  
 Ausgeborgt  3657    Soft Matter Physics    Doi M.  
 Ausgeborgt  3554    Soft Matter: The stuff that dreams are made of     Piazza R.  
 Ausgeborgt  2455    The Physics of Amorphous Solids    Zallen R.  
  2467    X-ray scattering from Soft-Matter thin films    Tolan M.