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Institute of Solid State Physics

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We are currently seeking Master students to work on on the following topics:

* Modeling electronic and structural properties as well as growth of molecules interacting strongly with metal surfaces.
* Design of novel self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) for modifying electrode properties in organic electronic devices.
* Understanding transport through and polarization effects in self-assembled monolayers through quantum-mechanical modelling.
* Computationally designing hybrid systems consisting of nanopatterned ferroelectrics and layered semiconducting materials for novel device applications.
* Impact of Monolayers Inhomogenieties for Hot Spot Formation in Organic Electronic Devices.
* Employing post DFT techniques for reliably modelling charge distribution and electrostatic screening in molecular materials.
* Understanding the electronic properties of weakly coupled hybrid interfaces.
* Predicting the structure of organic adsorbates from first principles.
For further details just come bye and we can identify the topic most interesting to you.
Start: anytime

Contact: Dr. Oliver T. Hofmann (o.hofmann@tugraz.at), Prof. Egbert Zojer (egbert.zojertugraz.at)
Compensation: 440 per month (Forschungsbeihilfe) for 6-8 months
Additional aspects: work in an internationally very well established group in the area of atomistic modelling of interfaces; publishing in high impact journals; participation in international conferences.