Seminar Seminar Solid State Physics I / II (513.127/513.128)

Every master student at the institute must give a presentation in this seminar series. The grade for the seminar is based on the number of points you accumulate. The maximum number is 100 points.

Nicht genügend (5) = 50 < Genügend (4) = 60 < Befriedigend (3) = 70 < Gut (2) = 80 < Sehr gut (1).

It is possible to receive a maximum of 60 points for your own presentation and a maximum of 40 points for attending the presentations of others. You acquire 3 points for each talk you attend in the Solid State Seminar series. As proof of attendance, bring a list of all talks attended to Elisabeth Stern when requesting a grade.

Grading of your presentation

Max 20 points: design of transparencies. Consider the following aspects:

Max. 20 points: Good introduction to the topic

Max. 10 points: Clear presentation of the obtained results or when discussing a “literature topic” clear description of the relevant details.

Max. 10 points: Clear and extensive answers to questions during/after the talks.

For talks with a duration of < 30 min, 10 points will be deduced. Talks > 45 min are to be avoided and also here points can be deduced (one needs to be able to describe a topic within a given timeframe).