Institute of Solid State Physics

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Peter Hadley

Institute of Solid State Physics
TU Graz
Petersgasse 16
8010 Graz
Tel. +43 316 873 8967
Fax. +43 316 873 108967
Sec. +43 316 873 8461

   Defects in Semiconductors
   Thermal behavior of OLEDs: A holistic approach

   513.001 Molecular and Solid State Physics
   513.221 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
   513.127 513.128 Seminar Solid State Physics
   513.804 Advanced Solid State Physics
   511.015 Physik M
   513.120 Solid State Physics Laboratory Exercises
   513.123 Bachelor Project

People in the Hadley group
   Thomas Bohnstingl
   Nikolaus Czepl
   Lisanne Demelius
   Barbara Glanzer
   Fabian Huber
   Stefan Kamper
   Christian Kovacs
   Lara Novak
   Peter Oles
   Michaela Penn
   Florian Pilat
   Michael Pusterhofer
   Michael Sieberer
   Jasmin Spettel
   Tobias Spitaler
   Dominik Wieland

Bachelor projects
   Measuring the doping concentration in semiconductor devices