Institute of Solid State Physics

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Anna Maria Coclite

Assistant Professor
Responsible for CVD lab

Institute for Solid State Physics
TU Graz
Petersgasse 16
8010 Graz
Tel. +43 316 873 8970
Fax. +43 316 873 108970

   FWF project “PRO-CVD: Proton conductive copolymers by initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition” (P26993)
   Marie Curie Fellowship: Smart multi Stimuli-responsive Supports for controlled cell growth (Three S)

   513.127 513.128 Seminar Solid State Physics
   513.060 Surface and Thin Films Physics

People in the Coclite group
   Taher Abu Ali
   Richard Berger
   Yacine Djaider
   Clarissa Holzer
   Paul Kindlhofer
   Helmut Krasa
   Marianne Kräuter
   Fabian Muralter
   Stefan Pachmajer
   Julian Pilz
   Martin Seiler
   Konstantin Swatek
   Katrin Unger

Master projects
   Deposition and Characterization of Dielectric Bragg Reflectors

   AVS Shop Note Price 2019
   A summer job like no other
   WKO-Stipend Clarissa Holzer
   Start-up idea award to Anna Maria Coclite
   Anna Maria Coclite was awarded an ERC Starting Grant
   IAAM Scientist Medal - 2016
   Marie Curie Fellowship for Dr. Anna Maria Coclite

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