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Andreas Jeindl

PhD Student in Theoretical Materials Science

Institute for Solid State Physics
TU Graz
Petersgasse 16
8010 Graz

   Computational Material Design with DFT and Machine Learning

   Huge Computing Time Project Granted

Physical Insight for Surface Polymorphs from Machine Learning
My research interests include
  • Structure Determination and Prediction
  • Polymorphism and Metastable Phases
  • Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
  • Adsorption Processes of Organic Molecules
  • Defects in Organic Monolayers
which I study (mostly) with the these techniques:
  • Density Functional Theory
  • Machine Learning (mostly Gaussian Process Regression)
  • Ab-initio Thermodynamics
Personal data

Recent talks

Meeting of the German Physical Society, April 2019, Regensburg

IMPRESS Workshop, Jun 2018, Graz

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