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Andreas Jeindl

PhD Student in Theoretical Materials Science

Institute for Solid State Physics
TU Graz
Petersgasse 16
8010 Graz
Tel. +43 316 873 8464

   Computational Material Design with DFT and Machine Learning

   Huge Computing Time Project Granted

Physical Insight for Surface Polymorphs from Machine Learning
My research interests include
  • Structure Determination and Prediction
  • Polymorphism and Metastable Phases
  • Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
  • Adsorption Processes of Organic Molecules
  • Defects in Organic Monolayers
which I study (mostly) with the these techniques:
  • Density Functional Theory
  • Machine Learning (mostly Gaussian Process Regression)
  • Ab-initio Thermodynamics
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Recent talks

Meeting of the German Physical Society, April 2019, Regensburg

IMPRESS Workshop, Jun 2018, Graz

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