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Research Data Management at TU Graz
Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi and Sarah Stryeck
TU Graz
11:15 - 12:15 Wednesday 28 April 2021 


New technologies for data acquisition, storage and analysis enable data-driven scientific research. Data-driven science accelerates the flow of knowledge between different disciplines, which leads to fundamentally new insights and contributions with high social impact.

To create the conditions for the future of data-driven science, universities and research institutions are exploiting ways to establish the infrastructure and offer appropriate services, advice, and support for research data management (RDM).

For efficient research data management in accordance with FAIR principles ("findable", "accessible", "interoperable" and "re-usable" ), it is essential to support the entire life-cycle of research data from generation to archiving with discipline specific knowledge and the associated tools.

This talk will outline the current development towards establishing RDM at TU Graz. The slides are available with the link below.