9th Workshop on Substrate-Mediated Polymorphism in Organic Thin Films      





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       Invited Speakers:
Polymorphism of molecular crystals
Ulrich Griesser, University Innsbruck
      topic: polymorphism of molecular crystals
      status: confirmed
Lynn Loo, Princeton
      topic: polymorphism in organic electronics
      status: confirmed
Isaac Sugden, Imperial College London
      topic: crystal structure prediction
      status: confirmed

Polymorphism on surfaces
Michael Ward, New York University
      topic: polymorphism of molecular crystal on surfaces
      status: confirmed
Milica Todorovic, Aalto University, Helsinki
      topic: Polymorphism on surfaces - theoretical approach
      status: confirmed
Allan S. Myerson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
      topic: polymorphism & nucleation at surfaces
      status: confirmed

Self assembly at surfaces
Alexandre Tkatchenko, Université du Luxembourg
      topic: self assembly of small molecules at surfaces
      status: confirmed
Ben Ocko, Brookhaven National Laboratory
      topic: self-assembly of small molecules at surfaces
      status: confirmed
Roman Forker, University of Jena
      topic: conjugated molecules at metallic surfaces
      status: confirmed