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Institute of Solid State Physics

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Forschungsstipendien, Idealo Stipendien

Search for surface-mediated polymorphs of the molecule Ph-BTBT-10

The appearance of new polymorphs is quite often reported in oriented thin film of molecular crystals. The PhD work will focus on the search for new polymorphs for the molecule phenyl-decyloxy-benzthiemnobenzthiophene (Ph-BTBT-10) [1]. The films will be prepared by solution processing but also by physical vapour deposition on a variety of substrates like on anisotropic surfaces but also on uniaxially treated substrates or on single crystal surfaces. . Experiments will be performed at the XRD1 beamline, synchrotron Elettra, Trieste.
[1] H. Iino, T. Usui, J. Hanna, Liquid crystals for organic thin-film transistors, Nature Comm. 2015, 6, 6828.
This project is funded by within the project P30222 “Crystal Structure Solution from Thin Films: Indexation & Epitaxially Aligned Crystallites”. The work is performed in close connection with national and international partners: Oliver Hofmann, TUGraz, Michael Ramsey, University Graz, Yves Geerts, University Libre Brussels and Luca Beverina, University Milano-Bicocca.
The PhD will start on March 1st, a three year employment regarding the regulations of the Austrian Science Foundations will be offered.
In case of interest please send a Curriculum Vitae together with an motivation letter to roland.resel@tugraz.at

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