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Institute of Solid State Physics

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Jobs at the Institute of Solid State Physics

Forschungsstipendien, Idealo Stipendien

ERC funded PhD position on “Implementation of site-specific arrays of multi-responsive nanorods into integrated devices”

A PhD student position is opened on the ERC project “Smart Core/Shell Nanorod arrays for artificial skins applications” (Projekt Nummer 715403). The project aims at the development of nanorods of a hybrid material made of a smart hydrogel core with a piezoelectric shell of Zinc oxide. The nanorods will be responsive to temperature, humidity and pressure. The goal of the PhD thesis will be to design a template for the implementation of the nanorods in a functional array and the characterization of the electric and piezoelectric performance of the arrays and nanorod units. Vapor-based deposition techniques and nanoimprint lithography will be used to create the arrays, plus several techniques for the characterization of thin films. The work will be performed in close collaboration with the Joanneum Research (JR) Institute-Weiz.
The position is co-funded for three years by the TU Graz and the JR.

Starting date: Oct 2018 (approx).

Compensation: gross salary, 1996.90Euro/month with employment of 30h/week

Requirements: Highly qualified applicants from all over the world are invited to apply. All applicants must hold a Master Degree (or get it within the Starting date) or equivalent academic degree in the fields of Physics, Electrical Engineering or Material Science. All applicants should have excellent academic track records and demonstrate strong enthusiasm and talent for research. Fluent English is a must.

Desired qualifications: Experience in the field of electronic devices, advanced manufacturing and nanopatterning. Knowledge of the area of the physics of semiconductor devices and surface science. Communication skills.

Selection procedure: The deadline for the application is May 16th. Please send a CV, with two references, a record of the Master exams with relative grade and a motivation letter to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Coclite at the address anna.coclite@tugraz.at. The candidates will be notified of the acceptance of their candidature and if shortlisted a time and date for the interview will be fixed. During the interview, the candidates will be asked to give a short presentation of their Master thesis to the research group they will work in, with a following short discussion.

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Student Internships

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