Institute of Solid State Physics


Solid state physics is the study of how atoms arrange themselves into solids and what properties these solids have. By examining the arrangement of the atoms and considering how electrons move among the atoms, it is possible to understand many macroscopic properties of materials such as their elasticity, electrical conductivity, or optical properties. The Institute of Solid State Physics focuses on organic, molecular, and nanostructured materials. Often detailed studies of the behavior of these materials at surfaces are made. Our research provides the foundation for important advances in technology such as energy efficient lighting, solar cells, electronic books, environmental sensors, and medical sensors.

Computational Material Science

Doping molecular wires

Computational Material Design

Diffusion of organic molecules

Professor Position Available
The Institute of Solid State Physics at Graz University of Technology, Austria, invites applications for a full professor position. The candidate should have expertise in the field of advanced scattering experiments or spectroscopy techniques on energy-relevant materials, in particular advanced semiconductors.

We kindly ask you to bring this call to the attention of potentially interested colleagues in your field. Details of the call are found under this link:
Application deadline: 10th April 2024



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