Institute of Solid State Physics

Robert Schennach

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People in the Schennach group
 Miltscho Andreev
 Maximilian Grillitsch
 Viktoria Haberl
 Alexandra Serebrennikova

   Article about the ┬ÁCT in TU Graz research

Bachelor projects available
   Setting up a Temperature measurement and regulation for thermal desorption experiments

   Christian Doppler Laboratory for Surface Science Investigations on Paper Strength
   NAWI grant: Conducting Cellulose Fiber Networks for OPV Applications
   Christian Doppler Laboratory for mass transport through paper

   513.009 Physics of Experimental Methods
   513.054 Surface Physics
   513.120 Solid State Physics Laboratory Exercises
   513.123 Bachelor Project
   513.127 513.128 Seminar Solid State Physics
   513.144 Corrosion on Surfaces
   513.150 Surface Chemistry
   513.151 513.152 Advanced Physics Seminar for Doctoral Students