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 513.123 Bachelor Project

A bachelor project serves as an introduction to scientific research. Four weeks are spent in a research laboratory. At the end this time a report about the results of the research is written and a 30 minute oral presentation is given.

A bachelor report should be written in the format of a scientific publication. It should begin with a short and clear description of what you did, why you did it, and what the main results are. You are not writing a novel where the reader should be kept in suspense until the last page. Tell the ending on the first page and then use the rest of the report to fill in the details.

After a statement of your own results, give the reader some background information. All scientific projects build on the work of others. You should make it clear what the state-of-the-art was at the start of your project. This section should be brief, no more than about 3 pages. Provide the reader with references to books or articles that describe your research topic more completely.

The bulk of a bachelor report should contain a discussion of the scientific issue you will attempt to resolve, the methodology you used, a presentation of the data, and a discussion of the results. The total length of text in the report should be about 10-12 pages but there is no limit to the length when images, plots, program listings, or other supporting material are included.

The TU will scan all master and PhD theses electronically for plagiarism. While there is currently no plan to systematically scan the bachelor theses, everything that ends up online might be scanned at some time. It should be clear from the way the references are placed which phrases and ideas you claim as your own and which you have taken from others.



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