Bibliothek Festkörperphysik - Bachelorarbeit

  Instituts-nr    Titel    Autoren  
  e_3594    An Investigation of Electron Beam Induced Deposited Platinum Discs as Schottky Contacts    Mario Anton Schriefl  
  e_3556    Applications of Multi-Walled Carbon Nano Tubes in a Scanning Electron Microscope    Christoph Amtmann  
  e_3389    Atomic Force Microscopy Building an AFM with a Piezoresistive Force Measurement System    Markus Neuschitzer  
  e_3370    Coin flipping    Stephanie Rosker  
  e_3390    IP/EA konjugierter organischer Molek├╝le    Johannes Kofler  
  e_3615    Modeling of the Contact between the Metal Tip and n-type Semiconductor as a Schottky Barrier and Tunneling Current Calculation    Dongwook Go  
  e_3512    Point Contact Transistors    Timothy Aschl  
  e_3430     Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Diamond Coated Surfaces    Walter Lukesch  
  e_3367    Selected problems of electrons confined to nanoscaled systems    Elisabeth Rogl  
  e_3497    Sommerfeld expansion for various metals    Thomas Ganner  
  e_3391    Untersuchung der Polarisierbarkeit organischer Halbleiter    Peter Krabb  
  e_3557    Very Sharp Platinum Tips by Electrochemical Etching    Martin Kupper