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Institute of Solid State Physics

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Master theses at the Institute of Solid State Physics

Master / Dipl. Ing. in the TUGraz DIGITAL Library


Mayer, Florian
Electronic Couplings in Molecular Crystals: Development and Benchmarking of Advanced Strategies

Hofer, Andreas
Physical Vapor Deposition and Characterisation of Decyl-Phenyl-Benzothieno-Benzothiophene Thin Films

Berger, Richard
Nano-Porous Zinc Oxide via Molecular Layer Deposition

Burtscher, Bernhard
Inkjet printed organic photodiode on an ultrathin, commercial, conformal and transferrable polymer substrate

Seewald, Lukas
Structure-to-property relationships for thermal transport in molecular crystals

Egger, Alexander
Surface Polymorph Prediction using Bayesian Learning: To Monolayer Coverage and Beyond


Andreev, Miltscho
Investigation of two fluorophores dissolved in predefined solvents with the goal to perform FRET by observing fluorescence.

Dallinger, Alexander
Ultrathin, adhesive skin-contact electrodes

Lindner, Bianca
Characterisation of Post-Consumer Polymers by Rheology

Domitner, Armin
Investigation of the center to edge uniformity during chemical mechanical polishing

Prohinig, Jennifer
Influence of Pt-H defects on Si p/n diode characteristics

Bodlos, Wolfgang
Surface Crystallisation Studies of Decyl-Phenyl-Benzothieno-Benzothiophene

Winkler, Kerstin
Electrical Characterization of Chemical Vapor Deposited Insulating Thin-Films

Abu Ali, Taher
Fabrication and poling of ferroelectric composites

Kamencek, Tomas
Thermal transport and vibrational properties in metal-organic frameworks from first principle calculations

Peterka, Sebastian
Development of humidity sensors based on hydrogels deposited by initiated chemical vapor deposition

Sorgmann, Benjamin
Development of Aluminium-doped Zinc Oxide by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

Hörmann, Lukas
Overcoming the Configurational Explosion for Surface Structure Search by Coarse Grained Modeling and Bayesian Learning

Jeindl, Andreas
Influence of Molecule Size on Surface Polymorph Formation: An ab-initio Study with Machine Learning

Kaltenegger, Martin
Polymorph selection in nabumetone thin films at surfaces

Hofer, Sebastian
Epitaxial Order of Metal-Organic-Frameworks based on Copper and Terephthalic Acid

Kräuter, Marianne
Deposition of Ion Conductive Membranes from Ionic Liquids by Initiated Chemical Vapour Deposition

Glanzer, Barbara
Development and characterization of mechanically deposited graphene functionalized porous copper layers

Buchberger, Anton
Development and characterization of a humidity measurement system based on polymeric hydrogels

Dörschlag, Sarah
Development of zinc oxide nanostructures by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition

Etzlinger, Lukas
Simulation of Reaction and Diffusion of Defects in Silicon


Tumphart, Stephan
Stimuli-responsive polymer thin films by initiated chemical vapor deposition for controlled drug delivery

Riemer, Christoph
Measurement of the fiber surface charges of paper and modified cellulose films by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Luidolt, Peter
Realisation of a Set-Up for Hall Effect Measurements

Lenzenweger, Rupert
UV-vis spectroscopy for NO/NO2 concentration measurements in exhaust gas

Winkler, Christian
Electrostatic control of the Electronic Properties of van der Waals Heterostructures

Scherbela, Michael
Structure Prediction at Organic/Inorganic Interfaces using Machine Learning

Pilz, Julian
Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of zinc oxide thin films

Salzmann, Paul Karl
Preparation of Smart Thermo-responsive films by initiatied Chemical vapor Deposition


Muralter, Fabian
Preparation and Structure Characterisation of Crystalline Alq(3) in Thin Films

Tazreiter, Martin Josef
Proton conductivity measurements on standard and custom ionomers

Huber, Fabian
Thermal Transport in Microelectronics Packaging - An Approach of Inverse Modeling of Materials Parameters

Kalt, Jakob
Cu(I)- Oxide/Organic Semiconductor (PCBM) Heterojunction: Interface Engineering with Self-Assembled Monolayers

Meszaros, Robert
Cryogenic Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Defects at the SiC-SiO2 Interface

Schiffmann, Alexander
MOSFET Aging Measurements and Hot-Electron Degradation Models

Feldhofer, Nina
Two-Dimensional Silicon Based Photonic Structures for Improvement of Hybrid Solar Cell Performance

Taucher, Thomas
Modelling X-ray Photoelectron Spectra Using Density Functional Theory

Hassler, Julia
Study of point defects in proton implanted silicon pn-junctions by means of electrically detected magnetic resonance

Spreitzer, Harald
Structure and Morphology of Dioctyloxy-benzothienobenzothiphene Thin Films

Ebner, Michael
Photovoltaic cells based on cellulose sheets and cellulose fibers

Krammer, Markus Stephan
Coulomb Interactions in Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations for Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors

Schnabel, Alexander
Material Compatibility Studies for Low Temperature PEM-FC Subsystems

Schrode, Benedikt
Crystal Structure Phase Analysis of C8O-BTBT-OC8 Films by Raman- and Infrared Spectroscopy

Huber, Christian
Physikalische Eigenschaften eines graphitgefüllten Polymers

Mitterhuber, Lisa Maria
Structure function based evaluation of the thermal behavior of an LED


Götz, Johannes
Development and Characterization of Photocuring Thiol-Ene Polymer Systems as Imprint Resins for Ultraviolet Light-Assisted Nanoimprint Lithography

Herrmann, Paul
Low frequency noise measurements in MOSFETs

Elsinger, Lukas
Sub-wavelength grating lens desings for wafer-level IR optics

Edlbauer, Hermann
Chemical Defects and Charge-Injection Barriers at Metal / Organic Semiconductor Interfaces

Kinner, Lukas
Inkjet Printed Metal Grid-Based ITO-free Electrodes for Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Truger, Magdalena
The Surface Induced Crystal Structure of 6,6¿-Dibromoindigo: Origin and Stability

Bauer, Christoph
Studies on the Resistive Switching in Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Memory Elements

Breitegger, Philipp
Kinetic Monte Carlo Solver for the Charge Transport in Disordered Solids

Pieber, Daniel
Physical Characterization of Low Hydrogen Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited Silicon Nitride

Rescher, Gerald
Electrical characterization of SiC MOSFET interface properties

Schrey, Patrick
Integrated Photodiode Verilog-A Model - Verification and Parameter Extraction

Klemm, Michael
Generation and detection of high speed microdroplets at high frequencies

Pachler, Michael
Structural and Electronic Properties of Quinacridone Grown on Cu(110) and Cu(110)-(2x1)O

Urstöger, Georg Johann
Characterization of Proton Exchange Membranes produced by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Spanring, Georg
Structural analysis and determination of charge carrier properties of semiconductor devices by measurements of optical beam induced currents created by near infrared radiation

Cresnoverh, Martin
Realisation of a visual based condensation particle counter utilizing bright field technique

Hollerer, Michael
AFM morphology investigation of pentacene OFETs at the semiconductor-metal contact


Christian, Paul
Polymorphismus des Moleküls Carbamazepin auf Oberflächen

Ranacher, Christian
Deposition and Characterization of Proton Conductive Polymers by initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition

Kettner, Olivia Pia Desiree
Influence of the Polyfluorene Side-Chain Geometry on the Physics of Fullerene Blend Solar Cells

Kopeinik, Heribert
Organic Diodes and Photovoltaic Cells based on Conductive Cellulose Fiber Networks

Kraberger, Gernot Johannes
Controlling the electronic structure of graphene by collective electrostatic effects

Zöhrer, Siegfried
Xylan Adsorption on Thin Cellulose Model Films

Wolf, Christoph
Investigation on Resistive Switching of Metal-Organic-Metal Thin Film Devices

Koren, Katrin
Towards Entirely Solution-processed Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes: Solution-based Processes for Anode and Cathode Formation

Unger, Katrin
Distributed Bragg Reflectors: Morphology of Cellulose Acetate, Polystyrene and Polyvinylcarbazol Multilayers

Falk, Patrick Anton
A visual-based particle counter: simulation and design

Röthel, Christian Werner
Thin Film Crystal Structure Solution by Combining Molecular Dynamics and X-ray Diffraction

Pachmajer, Stefan
Feasibility study for the observation of the inverse piezoelectric effect by X-ray diffraction

Wruß, Elisabeth
Influence of van der Waals interactions on the adsorption of flat-lying organic molecules on metallic surfaces

Kretz, Bernhard
Wave-function tuning in self-assembled monolayers

Obersteiner, Veronika
Impact of collective effects on charge transport through molecular monolayers


Hartler, Christian
Water Adsorption on an Iron-Chromium Alloy Surface

Auer, Manuel
Studies of Novel Polymer and Dendrimer Materials for Application in Organic Light Emitting Devices

Faccinelli, Martin Mario
Spatially resolved measurements of charge carrier properties in proton doped silicon

Zawodzki, Michael
Interfacial Morphology and Device Performance of Organic Bilayer Solar Cells

Gentner, Daniela
Langzeitstabile Oberflächenmodifikationen für einen verbesserten Wärmeübergang bei der Kondensation von Wärmeträgermedien

Lercher, Christoph
Surface Induced Polymorphism of Dioctyl-Terthiophene on Silicon Oxide

Pichler, Alexander
Crystal Structure Solution from Thin Films: Examples of Conjugated Molecules

Vieider, Manuel
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of SAMs Formed by Ester Functionalized Alkylthiolates on Gold

Rohm, Sebastian
Thin Cellulose Films as Model Systems for Paper Fibres

Reinisch, Tristan
Optimization of a resonant photoacoustic cell for determination of soot mass concentrations

Kraxner, Andrea
Optimization of the parameters of CMOS-integrated photodiodes


Tomberger, Manuel
Adhesion of Thin Dielectric Films applied in Semiconductor Industry

Dohr, Michael Hannes
Thermisch induzierte Effekte in Dioctyl-Benzothieno-Benzothiophen Dünnfilmen

Gruber, Gernot
Characterization of point defects in semiconductors using electrically detected magnetic resonance

Schuh, Sebastian
Application of Blue-Light-Emitting Polyfluorene Derivatives in Solution Processed Multi Layer Devices Fabricated from Orthogonal Solvents

Gleichweit, Christoph
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Nucleation and Thin Film Growth of Hexaphenyl on Amorphous Mica

Putsche, Bernhard
Influence of potassium on the nucleation and growth of para-hexaphenyl on mica

Zarfl, Christof
Implementierung von statischer Druckmessung in einen piezoelektrischen Sensor

Lukesch, Walter
Adsorption and Desorption of Pentacene and Rubicene on Silicon Dioxide

Shan, Yao
Monte Carlo study of interstitial diffusion in an fcc lattice in the presence of solute atom traps

Mayrhofer, Patrick
Photophysical Properties of Rubicene

Neuschitzer, Markus
Grazing incidence in-plane X-ray diffraction on ultra-thin organic films using standard laboratory equipment

Stolterfoht, Martin
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Disorder in Self Assembled Monolayers

Brandner, Hannes
Modifying the dielectric-semiconductor interface in organic thin-film transistors using a soluble semiconducting polymer