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Roland Resel

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 Konstantinos Athanasopoulos
 Wolfgang Bodlos
 Mario Fratschko
 Fabian  Gasser
 Ann Maria James
 Sanjay John
 Martin Kaltenegger
 Josef Simbrunner

research highlight - Severe disorder is observed within the molecular packing of the molecule phenoxazine. Random disorder is confirmed experimentally as well as by theoretical calculations..

Molecular packing of phenoxazine: a combined single crystal / crystal structure prediction study :
>M. Kaltenegger, et al., Crystal Growth & Design (2022)<<

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Radio Oe1: Wissen aktuell - 10. August 2009

software development :
GIDVis - A modular MATLAB program to analyze grazing incidence diffraction images
GIDInd - A MATLAB program to index grazing incidence diffraction images
Stereopole - a software for the analysis of x-ray diffraction pole figures with IDL was developed,
and can be >> downloaded << free of charge. Please install first the IDL Virtual Machine.
(see: I. Salzmann and R. Resel, Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 37, p. 1029, 2004.)