Institute of Solid State Physics

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Characterization and virtual sensing of electronic Fluent In-Line heaters
Alexander Gruber
11:15 - 12:15 Wednesday 21 April 2021 


With the continuous development of heating systems and increasing demands on heating elements, special heat conduction systems have been developed to meet the requirements. Electrically powered "Fluent In-Line heaters" can replace conventional immersion heaters as well as heaters that wrap around or are clamped to a pipe.
Complexity has been simplified by the heater's sophisticated design, which combines several components in one single device, thereby saving costs. A fast response is guaranteed by its high watt density.
The topic of this master thesis is the characterization and virtual sensing of different Fluent In-Line heaters. The power density and heat distribution are investigated in detail for the operation in gases (air) instead of liquids at various flow rates. This study shows that the correct choice of temperature/pressure sensors, as well as the operating modes, play an important role in device performance.
The characterizations performed in the scope of this thesis are intended to form a solid basis for versatile applications in the future.