Institute of Solid State Physics

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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mass Transport through Paper
Karin Zojer
Institute of Solid State Physics
11:15 - 12:15 Wednesday 06 October 2021 PH01150

This talk will introduce the activities of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for mass transport through paper (CDL). The CDL aims at elucidating how the pore network in paper sheets influences, supports, or even prevents transfer of gases or particles from, to or via paper sheets. I will use the opportunity to briefly introduce our project partners.

To illustrate which unique paper-specific properties interfere with common understanding of mass transport through porous materials, I will provide an example of almost pure geometrical nature, i.e, am example related to the microstructure of paper: How does the nature of the pathways through the pore system affects the permeance of heterogeneous sheet-like materials in general and for paper in particular? This challenging question was addressed with using microcomputed Xray tomography to comprehensively measure the microstructure and statistical analysis methods. To particularly determine the cross-correlations between pore-related properties of the microstructure, Copula-based multidimensional parametric models have been conceived. The latter, data-driven concept is predominantly used in financial mathematics, for data-augmented quality control in microelectronic industry and more recently also for the classification of genome sequences, but is not yet established as a method to describe materials.